Tavola Series

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The Tavola Series Fire Tables provides an outdoor retreat of warmth and ambiance. Each Table has been hand-crafted using our custom patina finishing process, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind creation with subtle variation. The table provides a beautiful and functional centerpiece for any backyard, patio or lounging area. The ambient heat provides plenty of warmth for multiple people. The 65,000 BTU unit operates with both a standard propane tank or Natural Gas hookup. Available in various sizes ranging from 36″ in length up to 110″.

Pictured first to last: Tavola 1, Tavola 2, Tavola 3, Tavola 4, Tavola 5, Tavola 6, Tavola 7, Tavola 8, Tavola 42, Tavola 66 Slim, Tavola 72 Narrow, Tavola 110.


Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement
• Hand Crafted Pewter Finish
• 65,000 BTU Orifice
• Propane / Natural Gas Compatible
• Lava Rock Included
• Stainless Steel Burner Insert
• Key Valve Ignition

The key valve housing is easily accessed from the side of the unit. The controls are clearly labeled and simple to use. Turn the key to the on position and use a match lighter to light and enjoy.

The fire pit comes complete with lava rock. The naturally occurring volcanic rock creates a stunning contrast to the beautiful flames of any gas fire feature while the lava rock is heat resistant.

Available in six colors: Ebony, Cafe, Natural, Pewter, Ultra, Coastal



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Cafe, Ebony, Natural, Pewter

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