Perlick Drain Pump

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This drain pump is designed to remove drain water from an undercounter icemaker in areas without direct drainage access. The drain pump reservoir collects drain water and pumps it through a 1/2” ID high pressure clear pvc hose (discharge hose). The maximum discharge hose length is 20 feet. The maximum lift height is 8 feet. There is a factory installed check valve on the drain pump.




63802A Fits Models

  • H50IM
  • H50IMS-ADL
  • H50IMS-ADR
  • H50IMS-L
  • H50IMS-R
  • H50IMW
  • H50IMW-AD

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Technical Specs.

Length: 13.40 in Width: 11.60 in Height: 6.40 in Weight: 7.46 lbs