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About Us

Gilbert Fireplaces & BBQs staff

Mike Barnhart - Owner

The owner of Gilbert Fireplaces & BBQs since 2008, Mike is extremely passionate about the industry. With more than 40 years of experience in the food and retail business, Mike has the knowledge that keeps Gilbert Fireplaces & BBQs stocked with the latest in the grill and fireplace industries. In his spare time time, Mike enjoys hiking and a tall glass of Dogfish Head.

Ryan Barnhart - Operations Manager

Working at Gilbert Fireplaces & BBQs since 2008, Ryan prides himself on using and testing all of the products we sell, making him very knowledgeable about the industry. When he's not helping you find the best grill or fireplace for your home, he is playing goalie for his community soccer league team. His love for grills is only matched by his love of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Drew Daigger - Service Technician

Since 2016, Drew has been providing expert service with Gilbert Fireplaces & BBQs. Whether you need someone to install your new product or service an existing grill or fireplace, Drew is here to help. In his spare time Drew enjoys the outdoors, fishing, and talking at length about growing up in Alaska.

Brian Gratz - Marketing and Communications Director

As the newest member of the company, Brian has been with Gilbert Fireplaces & BBQs since 2018. As an Air Force veteran, he has more than seven years of marketing and multi-media experience. Also, Brian might be the only die-hard Green Bay Packers fan that does not like cheese.

Therese Barnhart - Office and Finance Director

Therese has been with Gilbert Fireplaces & BBQs since 2008, and handles everything from business finances to office management; truly making her the brains behind the operation. In her spare time, Therese enjoys fitness classes and baking... in no particular order.